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Github: allenai/ir_datasets

ir_measures & ir_datasets

ir-measures is a Python package that interfaces with several IR evaluation tools, including pytrec_eval, gdeval, trectools, and others.

To get started with ir-measures, see this guide.

Basic Usage

ir-measures accepts qrels provided by ir_datasets directly in its python API.

import ir_datasets
import ir_measures
qrels = ir_datasets.load('trec-robust04').qrels_iter()
run = ir_measures.read_trec_run('path/to/run')
ir_measures.calc_aggregate([nDCG@10, P@5, P(rel=2)@5, Judged@10], qrels, run)
{ nDCG@10: 0.3793, P@5: 0.4185, P(rel=2)@5: 0.0803, Judged@10: 0.9628 }

The ir-measures CLI accepts dataset IDs from ir_datasets directly in place of the qrels file.

ir_measures trec-robust04 path/to/run 'nDCG@10 P@5 P(rel=2)@5 Judged@10'
nDCG@10 0.3793 P@5 0.4185 P(rel=2)@5 0.0803 Judged@10 0.9628

Note that if a file with the same name as the dataset ID exists, the file will be used instead.

Alternatively, you can save the qrels output of the ir_datasets export command as a file and use this file as input to ir-measures.

Further Information